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Mr. Bui Van Hoi/Sompong – Founder/Director

Hinh Chu Hoi

Xin chào, my name is Bui Van Hoi. I have been in tourism since 1990. I had worked as tour guide for many years, speaking in English and Thai languages. Sompong is my Thai name. Now I am the director of Sunny Land Travel. My head office locates in Ho Chi Minh City. You can contact me via email director@sunnyland.vn  or cellphone (24/7) +84.903 804 835. I love tourism. I love Vietnam.




Mrs. Katherin/Bay Dieu – Inbound Manager/European Market

I’m Katherin (mother language name is Bui Thi Bay Dieu). I’m in charge of inbound tours, especially German and European market. Involving in tourism since 1993 at a random, I have never thought that tourism have become my passion nowadays and I can’t live without it. I’m not only thinking of my clients during my working time, but also in my eating time, sleeping time, etc., feeling as I’m travelling with them all the time.

Saving time to travel to almost of the famous and untouched regions of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, I have experiences to make suitable programs to our clients’ wishes and time frame. Tourism opens my mind, enriches my knowledge, gets me to know more about the needs and hobbies of people over the world, so I can satisfy the clients more and more when they are in Indochina area.

Please once come to our region, you will see a very friendly, lovely and attractive Vietnam and it’s neighbored countries.  You can reach me at E-mail: katherin@sunnyland.vn; Skype: buibaydieu; Viber/WhatsApp: +84. 982 202 059


Ms. Anh Tu – Outbound Manager/Asian Market

^32B308081164BE3DED105E796E6A3B74836A719BDCB5E5B32D^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrXin chao, my name is Anh Tu, I am a new member of Sunnyland Travel home and I am doing on Asian markets. I am Vietnamese, I am young, I am friendly, I love Vietnam, I love my life, I love my job. Surely, come to Vietnam, try on our services, take experience and share your feeling about Vietnam with us. You can reach me at E-mail: anhtu@sunnyland.vn




Mrs. Dokbua/Que – Sales Executive/Thai Market

สวัสดีค่ะ ฉันชื่อNguyen Thi Que เป็นพนักงานเกี่ยวกับการขายของบริษัทSunny land travel ดอกบัวเป็นชื่อภาษาไทยของฉัน

ฉันเคยประสานงานกับคู่ค้าที่เป็นมิตรมากที่อยู่ประเทศไทยและเมืองลาวจากปี 2005 อยู่ในออฟฟิศที่ฮานอยปัจจุบันนี้ฉันกำลังทำงานอยู่ในออฟฟิศเมืองดานัง

คุณสามารถติดต่อฉันทางอีเมล = dokbua@sunnyland.vn  หรือโดยโทรศัพท์มือถือของฉัน (24/7) = +84.978485721 ฉันรักงานของฉัน ฉันรักเวียดนาม


Mr. Michael/Man – Tour Operator


 Hello, my English name is Michael, i am doing as tour operator of Sunnyland Travel for 10 years. In my experience, i know well all services in Vietnam such as hotels, restaurants, car rental, boats, trains, guides, sightseeing etc…, also i can get good deals for my team as we can provide the good services with reasionable price for you – our customers. So, trust us, choose us and you will have a wonderful experience in Vietnam. You can reach me at E-mail: michael@sunnyland.vn



Mrs. Sallie/Thuy – Tour Consultant/Guide

IMG_0248Xin chào, my name is Thuy. After receiving my diploma in Tourism Management in 2009, I followed my life-long passion of traveling and joined Sunny Land Travel as a tour consultant, where I gained over 9 years of tourism experience. More recently, sustainable tourism has captured my interest and has become something I truly want to develop. I am doing this by thinking of ways to make my customers happier, improve the quality of life for the local population, all while preserving the natural environment. That is my working philosophy! I have a passion for travelling and want to share this passion, my experience, and knowledge by showing off my beautiful country to international tourists.

Working Hours
Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Saturday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (GMT +7 – Hanoi time).

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